Front-end developer

Reneza is on a mission to transform property ownership, management, and renting on a global scale. With our proprietary end-to-end residential management platform, we are bringing digital-first rental experiences for residents, enhancing value for property owners and optimizing operations for property managers. We believe that renting should be as easy as booking a hotel.

Job summary:

As part of the development team at Reneza, a React.js Developer (mid/senior) creates spa application to support crucial processes in rental industry, such as time management, repetitive task automatization, issue management and accounting. The system will be used by major operators across the UK.
As a Front-End developer at Reneza You will:


The core technologies you will use as a Front-end developer are JavaScript, React.js, Redux(rematch) and GraphQL. However, only some tasks require knowledge about all of the above technologies. You can be successful at your job with a basic understanding of these technologies, depending on your professional background.
Successful Front-end developer might come from experience in other front-end technologies like Angular or vue, experience with redux, mobx, ngrx and knowledge of how to structure a production ready web app. If you have extensive experience in either field, you will very likely be successful in Reneza and learning the three required technologies will not be a problem.
As web development industry grows rapidly, we must keep up. To do so, we highly encourage You to:

Minimum technical skills:

Ideal technical skills:

Working in the development team:

You will work closely with our product owners - experts in the rental industry - who have dreamt for a long time to be able to innovate asset management industry. You will find a lot of enthusiasm and industry know-how bundled in a friendly but performance-driven approach.
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