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Try the all-in-one onboarding platform that reduces your paperwork, increases your revenue and gives transparency to everyone. FCC Paragon and Reneza working in Partnership Reneza deal flow example
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Get FCC Paragon’s referencing at a discounted rate of £13 per check when using Reneza

Make your life easier

Use Reneza's automated on-boarding software to unload the burden of paperwork, increase your revenue and give transparency to everyone.

01 Everything you need in one place

Manage the whole tenancy process in a single platform

02 Background checks made simple

Take the hassle out of background checks with automated quality referencing.

03 Offer more, stress less

Give your tenants and landlords more utility and insurance options, with no extra admin.
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An elevated rental experience for residents

Digital renting for residents available via iOS, Android app and web portal

Making moving house something to smile about.

01Make it simple.

Your tenants are digital natives. Give them the seamless experience they expect when they're moving home with our intuitive platform.

02Remove the hassle.

Reduce the stress of piles of paperwork by getting tenants to set up household bills all in one platform, so they can get on with settling into their new home.

Get more commission from more conversions.

Once your tenants are signed up to Reneza, we'll suggest a range of additional services throughout the move-in process, improving your conversions and putting more money in your pocket.
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Simplify legislation
Keep up-to-date with the latest lettings legislation and automate your processes to respond.
Spend more time on what counts
Automate your repetitive, low-value tasks so you can focus on winning new business and providing exceptional service.
Increase your revenue streams
Find new sources of revenue with utilities sign-ups and other move-in services that offer value to landlords and tenants too.
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Less hassle.
Better service.
More revenue.
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