EU funding

Virtual property assistant

UAB "Reneza" together with partner UAB "Turing solutions" are currently implementing a project financed by the European Union.
The aim of the project is to build a virtual property assistant which would transform inefficient and disconnected rental processes by bringing transparent and simplified communication experiences to all parties involved in the rental process.
The project undertakes to carry out a scientific research for the development and validation of the concept of a virtual property assistant through the angle of research and experimental development by working to find the best possible prototype suited for real operating conditions.
The result of the project is the development of a virtual property assistant in the form of a chatbot and voice assistant which is available for tenants 24/7 to help solve any impending issues/requests while on the other hand automating communication on behalf of letting agents, landlords and third party service providers
The product could be used by letting agents, landlords & asset managers which are involved in a letting and/or property management activity of residential properties across Western Europe.
Funded by the European Regional Development Fund (REACT-EU). Financed by European Union Funds as a response tool to COVID-19.
Total value of the project – 1 589 293,25 Eur.
Funding for the project from the European Regional Development Fund – 1 199 463,46 Eur.
Own private funds of the applicant and partner – 376 192,27 Eur.
The project is implemented from October 1st, 2020 until May 9th, 2023
UAB Reneza is seeking to transform disconnected and offline rental transactions by offering a paperless solution that enables agents, tenants and landlords to communicate better.
UAB Reneza currently operates from Vilnius, Lithuania.