To Do List: 6 Things Landlord Needs to Take Care of

To Do List: 6 Things Landlord Needs to Take Care of

To do list:

Most people prepare for the summer.

However, the preparation differs from one person to another.

For some people, it is just about getting a new swimsuit and going on holiday.

Nonetheless, it is more cumbersome for homeowners with summer renters.

Such troubles are some of the perks of becoming a landlord.

In general, the spring is a great time to get set for the summer.

Many property owners have a lot of things to do to prepare their rentals.

So, if you would like to prepare for summer, what are the steps to take?

Take your time to read these six tips for landlords:

1. Service your AC unit

It will be so damaging to have your AC unit become faulty during the summer.

Majority of the HVAC experts are usually booked up during this period.

So, you should avoid such a situation.

Resultantly, use the spring to check your AC unit.

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Ascertain if it is in good condition for the renters.

It must be able to keep your home cool during the hotter months.

For a starter, replace the filter of the AC unit.

If the filters are dirty and clogged, you may encounter a series of issues.

The clogged filters will make the AC work harder and longer.

Hence, your energy bill will be higher.

But you can avoid all these by replacing the old filter.

Also, replace the air and heating filters after eight to twelve weeks.

All these will ensure that your AC unit works perfectly during the summer.

Also, it will ensure that the tenants enjoy their units.

Furthermore, test the effectiveness of your AC unit.

Does it keep the unit cool?

Does it start work immediately?

If it does not, the circuit breakers or fuses may be faulty.

Check them to note if they have problems.

However, the problem may persist after doing this.

Get in touch with a professional to check and correct the problem.

Sometimes, everything may be in good condition after your inspection.

However, you should endeavour to hire professionals.

They can help you clean, inspect, repair and maintain the AC unit.

With a functional AC system, your tenants will enjoy their stay.

2. Prevent water damage

Summer is synonymous with intense heat.

Heat, on its own, sometimes comes with heavy rain and thunderstorm.

And these can lead to water damage.

Therefore, you must safeguard your rentals against water damage.

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Start by checking the foundation for cracks and leaks.

Afterward, create dirt or grates outside the unit.

This will change the direction of the rainwater away from the foundation.

Then, you should take a look at the gutters.

Check if there are breaks or spots which could lead to water pooling around your home.

These breaks or spots could cause water to move near the foundation.

Also, focus on the downspout and direct the water away from your home.

Ensure you keep water away from the house by about three feet.

Do not forget to check the windows and doors.

There may be some cracks, leaks or wear that need repairs.

Before summer comes, you should replace the caulk.

This is the only way to prevent wood rot or mould that leaks could cause.

In case the roof is old, pay attention to its flashing and shingles.

If they are not in good condition, replace or repair them.

3. Protect your home against bug

Undoubtedly, you do not want to deal with a pest infestation in the summer.

Most pests and insects like avoiding the intense heat.

Hence, they tend to come indoors during the summer.

However, you can act against such infestations by bug-proofing your home.

You can do this by sealing your summer rental properly.

The windows and doors must not have any gaps or cracks.

If they have, seal the places up.

Alternatively, hire pest control professionals to help you

. They will spray insecticide outside the rental to prevent pest infestation.

With this, you and your tenants can enjoy the home during summer.

4. Add fresh paint

Adding fresh paint goes beyond merely beautifying your home.

It can be very useful during the summer.

This is because it can protect the wood in the doors, attic and other parts.

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Resultantly, water will not be able to penetrate these parts of your home.

Also, adding fresh paint is more cost-efficient than repairing the doors and attics when destroyed.

So, adding fresh paint offer lots of advantages for landlords.

5. Clean and switch the ceiling fans

Do you have ceiling fans?

If yes, consider cleaning them.

Due to lack of use, they might have collected dust.

Therefore, get set for the summer by dusting the fans.

If you do not do so, the dust will be blown around the home.

This can make dust to be collected on pillowcases and furniture.

Apart from cleaning, consider altering the direction of the fans.

Programme your ceiling fans to work anticlockwise.

This will ensure the ceiling fans improve the flow of air in your room in the summer.

6. Check the Ventilation

Ventilation leaks in your home can hamper the air conditioning.

Even if the AC is working perfectly, ventilation leaks can make it less impactful.

So, search for any actual leaks.

Check the drafts in the windows and doors.

Use caulk and weatherstripping to seal any leaks.

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Do not forget the attic or basement insulation too.

Ensure that you cover all sections as you prepare for summer.

If the insulation leaks, seal them properly.

Ductwork and pipes are also important.

If there are gaps in them, use expanding foams to fill them.

All these important tips for house owners will prepare their summer rentals.

They can help them enjoy their homes with their renters.

Do you need more legal tips?

Are you in need of real estate experts to help you manage your rentals?

If yes, contact us today at Reneza. We can assist you to prepare your home for summer.

Also, we can help you get the best out of your property investments.

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