A New Law Will Give Tenants the Power to Sue Landlords over Cold and Mouldy Homes – This Is How It Works


A New Law Will Give Tenants the Power to Sue Landlords over Cold and Mouldy Homes – This Is How It Works

There certainly is room for improvement for house owners and landlords who rent out mouldy and cold properties.


A new law is being forced in from March 20, 2019, which allows tenants the right to sue their landlords should the property be unfit to live in.

Although this may serve as a stark warning for homeowners who rent out, there are actually many advantages for landlords in this directive.

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2019, amends and updates the previous Landlords and Tenants Act (1985)  will demand homeowners to meet hygiene standards.

Levels of warmth and cleanliness from the very beginning of a tenancy to the end will be included.



The homeless charity, Shelter, says new regulations will find damp which has been created by poor ventilation, falls under the responsibility of the landlord.

This is the first time a landlord will have to take responsibility for damp.

Infestations: The Responsibility of the Landlord?

Moreover, infestations of rats, insects and even bed bugs will fall under the jurisdiction of the landlord.

There are many tips for house owners you could give right away.

But among the more obvious one is to keep a clean home.


Even if the landlord or property owner has to hire in a cleaner, it certainly seems to be well worth the while.

But will a landlord receive some grace and extra time to fix these problems before they end up in court?

How Quickly Should a Landlord Get Things Sorted?

The clear advantages here are leaning towards those homeowners who already keep a clean place.

A lawsuit is the last thing a landlord wants.

There are many homes where renters are present that fall foul of these new rules, so the advantages for landlords that do keep a home in pristine condition, is that they will have a huge pool of renters to select from.

But what if the property does show signs of damp and infestation? How quickly should it be fixed?


If the infestation poses a significant risk to health, then a landlord should have the situation sorted out within 24 hours.

Property owners will have three working days to fix issues which affect the comfort or convenience of the tenants.

Less urgent repairs should be fixed within one month.

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