7 Smart Storage Solutions for Small Apartments

storage solutions

7 Smart Storage Solutions for Small Apartments

If you stay in a small apartment, you may have to deal with certain storage solutions challenges. Nonetheless, you can deal with these issues by simply creating ideal storage solutions for small apartments.

Here are 7 tips for small apartments to store different items:

  •  Utilize the doors

With the cabinets and closets filled up already, it is time you turned to the back of the doors. All you need is to fix an over-the-door hanging basket that can take up lots of your stuff.

storage solutions

However, this option is only available for the standard, hinged-entry doors.

The additional advantage of using this basket for tenants is that they do not need to nail it. You only have to hang it at the back of the door.

If you need extra space to keep your belts, shoes, gloves, socks hats, small toys and several other small items, you can also use plastic over-the-door shoe racks.

storage solutions

For storing additional items in the kitchen, door-mounted wire baskets can also come in handy.

However, make sure you inform your homeowners before using any storage system that needs screws.

  •  Use tension rods

Tension rods can be very useful if you need extra space in your kitchen cabinets.

These rods are perfect for storing baking sheets, pizza pans, and pot lids.

storage solutions

You can create dividers by installing these rods vertically between the topmost part of a cabinet and the bottom part of the next one.

  •  Create additional storage units

One of the most common tips for tenants looking for an additional storage unit is using a freestanding cabinet or trim shelf unit.  

storage solutions

The depth of the freestanding cabinet is less than a foot.

Hence, it can easily fit into the empty spaces around your towel bars or sink.

These storage units are great for storing hair dryer, toiletries, towels, and other supplies.

  • Choose double-duty furniture

Renters living in a small apartment must consider the size of their apartment when choosing furniture.

Their best options are multipurpose furnishings.

An ottoman with internal storage space, for instance, will be more beneficial than a regular one.

Also, rather than choosing a standard coffee table, a flat-topped storage trunk can be a better choice.

storage solutions

Instead of a regular bed frame, a bed frame with built-in storage can be a lifesaver.

There are many options you can consider.

  • Create magnetic spice racks

Do you need extra space to store your spices?

Think about using a magnetic spice holder.

storage solutions

Simply stick the holder to your magnetic refrigerator or any other metallic surface.

You can create your own spice holder by getting small spice jars and glueing powerful magnets or temporary adhesive materials to them.

You can stick the magnets or adhesives to any object in your kitchen.

  • Take advantage of suitcases

For additional spaces, tenants can get vintage hard-sided suitcases.

Apart from serving as a smart storage solution for small apartments, these suitcases also improve the style of your home.

storage solutions

Fix a couple of suitcases to create a side table or an end table, and keep your belongings inside them.

This storage option is ideal for items that are not used frequently.

  • Use bookcases

From the living room to the dining area and bedroom, short bookcases can fit perfectly into most areas of your home.

storage solutions

Take advantage of the bookcases for displaying your home décor accessories.

The aforementioned solutions are of great advantages to landlords and tenants looking for ways to store items in their small apartments.

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storage solutions

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