How you should rent your property after eviction?

How you should rent your property after eviction?

Property eviction, how to handle it?

House owners who advertise their properties out for rental will receive some inquiries from tenants who were once evicted.

Renters are often evicted for a variety of reasons including non-payment of rents, damage to property or noise issues.

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Homeowners should not automatically dismiss a potential renter just because they have been evicted.

But some searching questions do need to be asked by property owners.

Like for example: why the renter was evicted and what steps were made to rectify the situation.

Renters who have faced eviction may feel they are never going to be able to rent a property ever again.

It is true that an eviction can damage the rental history and credit rating but were there any steps to rectify the situation after property eviction?

The advantages for landlords here is that the renter may wish to rectify their credit history quickly.

It is in their own best interests to do so.

They could use the house owners as a stepping stone in becoming the model tenant.

The Renter Needs to Make Amends

Has the renter considered approaching the landlord who evicted them?

Were there any attempts to make amends?

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Shake hands

The previous homeowners may have been willing to remove the renter from the bad credit rating history.

However, there should have been some settlement reached.

Did the outstanding rents get paid?

Has the renter made any specific efforts to settle the dispute?

Some evictees can improve their credit history by settling outstanding fees.

Talk to the person who wants to rent and find out if there were genuine efforts to clear down any outstanding funds.

There are clear advantages for landlords who listen.

Tips for House Owners

Ask the potential renter if they are now earning a higher salary than before.

It is very often the case where the potential customer can now afford to pay rents, whereas before it was not feasible.

It is also worth discovering if there were rentals which were successful in the past.

Some renters have landlords from years back where they paid regularly and had no issues.

One property eviction should not necessarily end all hope for the potential renter.

Discuss with the Renter Their Problems

Look for honesty.

You can always tell when someone is being economical with the truth.

Homeowners have developed a smart eye for potentially bad tenants.

However, just because a renter was once evicted, it should not be a “case closed” situation.


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