Renting Family of Four Saved by Their Smoke Alarm

Renting Family of Four Saved by Their Smoke Alarm

The renting family was saved by the smoke alarm – the effectiveness of smoke alarms can be life-saving.

A working smoke alarm was responsible for saving lives of a family of four in the Shropshire town of Bishop’s Castle recently.

The home was part of the private rental sector and the landlord.

He has urged all homeowners and landlords of rented property to adhere to the vital safety advice.

All smoke alarms should fit by instructions and it should be regularly tested to ensure they are working properly.

Moreover, smoke alarms should be tested at the start of a new tenancy.

Besides, it should be checked at regular intervals throughout the duration of the rental.

Landlords are responsible for the Fitting

It is the responsibility of the landlord to test the smoke alarms.

In rented property, this should not amount to a simple phone call asking tenants to test the alarms.

If the property owners have a large portfolio of homes, the duties of testing are often undertaken by property managing agents.

Smoking alarms test should be a priority in what to do list.

In fact, it is unlawful if a rental property fails to fit a working smoke alarm on every floor within the house owner’s home.

During the incident in Bishop’s Castle, the family of four were woken up by the piercing noise of the smoke alarm.

The landlord explained that the family of four were all asleep when the house went up in flames.

However, the smoke alarm allowed the four to escape without harm.

The fire began at around 12.15 a.m. and took the six fire engines around four hours to extinguish.

The family was put up in a holiday chalet that was owned by the landlord.

The fire and its cause were investigated by the Shropshire Fire Service.

Batteries Can Wear Down                                         

The importance of testing is clear.

If the house owners have fitted smoke alarms they might tend to feel they have done enough to secure the home against a fire emergency.

But batteries inside smoke alarms can last up to ten years, only if they are not using all the time. 

If a smoke alarm goes off most days when cooking takes place, it could wear down to flat within five years.

Landlords who do not fit smoke alarms in rental properties could face manslaughter charges if renters die in a fire.


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