10 Things You Shouldn’t Have In Your Rental Property

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Have In Your Rental Property

Unknowingly, you might be providing your renters’ property with more amenities than required by law.

According to the implied warranty of habitability, property owners must offer rental property that is livable and safe.

In this sense, livability and safety refer to functional electricity, heat, means of disposing of wastes, and cold and hot running water.

rental property

If you are offering other things that are of advantages to households, they are add-ons.

Although certain appliances are important to ensuring livability and safety, some are just meant to attract tenants.

Notably, having additional items lead to higher costs of maintenance or liability.

Therefore, you can avoid such costs by not providing the items.

Check Out the Top 10 Things

  •  Trash Compactor

The basic function of a trash compactor is to combine lots of bags of trash to form a single heavy one.

Its inability to handle plastic, metal or glass limits its functions.

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Additionally, emptying the trash compactor is not done regularly, so the trash will lively become smelly over time.

The space for storing this appliance can be used as storage space by the households.

  •  Dishwasher

On average, a dishwasher lasts for just 6 years and is not a necessity.

Homeowners can avoid spending unnecessarily water, electricity, and maintenance by not installing a dishwasher.

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In fact, the alcove for keeping the dishwasher can be perfect for storing other items.

  •  Ice Maker

Any problem with ice maker can be a menace for you if there is water connection leakage.

rental property

Therefore, if you are providing your tenants with a refrigerator, make sure it does not have an ice maker.

  •  Garbage Disposal

Although these appliances are useful, they often require constant repairs and maintenance.

rental property

We recommend that you do not provide garbage disposals, especially if the households have kids.

  •  Trampolines

Trampolines are good for kids to play with and for adults to tighten their abs.

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However, they are potentially dangerous for children.

Avoid any potential hazards in your rentals by keeping away trampolines.

  •  Swing Sets

With swing sets inside your property, there are always risks of injuries to the little ones.

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Also, you may have to spend a fortune on maintaining the lawn on which you have the swing set.

Keep these swing sets off your rentals.

  •  Pools

Having a pool within your rental property may seem like a good idea.

Nonetheless, it does not provide as many advantages to landlords or tenants as you may assume.

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Considering the high costs of maintenance and the potential risks for kids. You should avoid getting inflatable pools.

For in-ground pools, you can simply cover it or lock up its entrance.

  •  Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors can be stylish for closets, but their fragility makes them unnecessary.

Unless you want to accrue extra costs on maintaining their hardware.

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Anyway,  you should rather choose by-pass doors.

  •  Screen Doors

Wooden screen doors can hardly withstand extreme weather conditions.

On the other hands, fragility is the bane of the lightweight ones.

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And if the households have pets or kids, there is almost a certainty that they will make holes into the doors.

Alternatively, go for storm doors.

  • Flooring

Avoid carpeting as they are susceptible to mould growth, permanent stains, and fading.

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Instead of wasting money on carpeting for your rentals, choose ceramic vinyl, hardwood, and ceramic tiles.

Would you improve your rentals and make more profit?

Let Reneza provide you with tailor-made solutions that will help you make the most out of your rental properties.

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