Top 8 Ways to Know If Your Rental Meets Safety Standards

meets safety standards

Top 8 Ways to Know If Your Rental Meets Safety Standards

It is also not fair on your tenants, should the property fail to meet strict criteria on safety.

Do You Know if Your Rental Has Been Fitted With a GFI Outlet

For example: do you know if your rental has been fitted with a GFI outlet? Do you even know what one of them is?

rental meets safety

Ground Fault Interrupting outlets were introduced in all homes from 1971.

These days, a GFI outlet must be instaling in every kitchen, bathroom, laundry area and exterior buildings.

You might find that some very old rentals do not have these GFI outlets.

If the home was to catch fire, an insurance company might decide that if there were no GFI outlets, there could be no pay-out.

In case your rental meets safety standards, you should make sure you installed smoke alarm detectors.

Check to see if there are smoke alarm regulations with an online letting agent.

Outdoor railings need to be safe as well.

That applies to renters who will use a balcony or a stair rail in a communal area.,

The interior stairs need to be safe too, rental meets safety in that case if stairs are safe.

Replace rotting wood on interior staircases and repair concrete cracks on the exterior stairwells.

The Doors and the Locking Mechanisms

  • To keep the property safe from unwanted burglars, you have to be sure the locks are all in perfect working order.

A tenant can successfully sue a landlord if there has been a break-in and the insurance company has discovered the door and its locking system were malfunctioning.

rental meets safety

Old Paint and Toxins

  • If your rental was built before 1978 and the paintwork still exists today, a toxic metal within the paint may still be present.

It is strongly recommended you clean the old paint and use a recoat and a complete paint overhaul.

rental meets safety

Rats and Pests

  • Mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, mealworms and other infestations can blight a property.

Even though your renters may be messy and leave food under the bed, it is the role of the landlord to make sure pest infestations are under control.

Finally, all appliances should be safety checked and in good working order.

In case they are not and you are too busy for that, our online letting agent company Reneza has 24/7 repairs service.

Tenant reports an issue – repairman is on his way instantaneously.

rental meets safety


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