New Rules Announcement To Protect Renters Money

renters money

New Rules Announcement to Protect Renters Money

According to a new rule announced on 7th March 2019, private property managing agents now need to sign up for a scheme backed by the government.

This scheme is targeted at the money of the house owners and tenants.

The deadline for signing this agreement is the 1st of April 2019.

All agents that manage a private rented property and operate in England must join the scheme. That safeguards the money of both the landlords and renters.

renters money

The target of the scheme is to protect the money of landlords and renters from predatory agents if there is a theft.

If the agents go bankrupt while keeping the money of the landlords and tenants, the law also comes into action.

Any agents offering property management services that don’t sign up to the scheme can be fined as much as £30,000.

Letting Agents

Letting agents are currently holding about £2.7 billion that belongs to the clients. Therefore, the new rules will protect this huge amount.

As a result of bankruptcy or misuse by agents, property owners and even tenants may currently be unable to get back their money from their agents.

renters money

The essence of this new rule is to further protect the money that is in the custody of the agents.

The rule stipulates that agents must sign up for a client money protection (CMP) scheme that has been approved.

This will make sure that landlords and tenants do not have to cater for any issues themselves.

When uninsured property managing agents suddenly go bankrupt or run away with their money.

With this rule, individuals are now reassured that their money is safe while keeping it with the agents.

renters money

Risk of Losing Renters Money

It is totally uncalled for that the failure of certain agents put their clients at the risk of losing out their money.

Although many agents are responsible, the new regulation will protect tenants and landlords from losing their money for something they are not responsible for.

The rule will ensure that house owners and renters have peace of mind and confidence that their money is safe while keeping it with their agents.

renters money

Currently, anyone can be a member of a client money protection (CPM) scheme voluntarily.

About 60% of agents join a scheme through any of the industry trading organizations.

As the membership of the scheme becomes mandatory, each agent will provide a similar level of security.

Resultantly, property owners and renters will get ideal financial protection.

There are Five Approved Schemes to Protect Renters Money

All agents who are in charge of the money of their clients must join a scheme before 1st April 2019.

Independently, a working group wants to introduce a new regulatory framework as well as mandatory professional qualifications that all agents must have.

The framework will include an independent regulator and a Code of Practice.

All these activities from the government target curbing the few unscrupulous agents and improving the standards in the property agent industry.

With this, sellers, homebuyers and renters can have confidence that the charges and quality of professional they get are fair and great.

renters money

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renters money


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