When the Property Owners are Responsible for Repairs?

Property Owners are Responsible

Property Owners are Responsible for Most Repairs

In rented accommodation, there is much speculation and talk about when the property owners are responsible for repairs.

Hopefully, this article should clear up some of the questions about duties that are asked daily in the private rented accommodation sector.

It does not matter if your landlord is private, forms part of the local council or is a housing association.

He will be responsible for the structure and outside of the building.

This includes the biggest part of property: the walls, stairwells, staircases, bannisters, roofing, external doors and all windows.

The property owner is ultimately responsible for repairing the pipes, drains, blocked sinks, baths and toilets.

The boiler and hot water provision also fall under the repair manifesto of the landlord.

The landlord must also make sure all gas appliances and the electrical wiring system is working and safely installed.

Apartments and Flats

If you live in a bedsit or one-bedroom apartment, the property owners are responsible for the upkeep of the communal areas. Entrance halls, stairwells and kitchens shared by multi-occupancy flats.

If there are any decoration problems caused by repair work being carried out, the house owner must make this right.

Tenancy Agreements specify duties

Some tenancy agreements will actually specify every duty for everyone.

It could say the landlord is responsible for replacing faulty white goods such as washing machines, fridges and dishwashers.

Often, these appliances are only repaired at the expense of a landlord a limited number of times. The Tenancy Agreement will highlight this.

Duty to keep Health and Safety state

The property owner has a duty to keep the rental in a safe and healthy state.

If the rental accommodation is infested with vermin or rats, the house owner must act to clear this hazard.

Gas appliances and boilers have to be checked annually by law – it is the responsibility of the landlord to make sure these checks are carried out.

Private landlords are responsible for fitting smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, where necessary.

Tenants also as Property owners have Duties and Responsibilities

Tenants have duties for keeping the accommodation clean, free from damage and minor repairs (like replacing the batteries in smoke alarms).

All chimneys and ventilation outlets must be kept clear of hazards or blockages.

Any furniture that belongs to the tenant must also be repaired by a renter.

Any damage a renter (or their guests) cause must be paid for and reported to the house owner at once.

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