What Property Owners Should Know If Their Tenants Work From Home?

Property Owners Should Know If Their Tenants Work From Home

What Property Owners Should Know If Their Tenants Work From Home

Thanks to advances in new technology, working from home has grown from a dream to an everyday reality for millions of people.

It is possible to continue being in touch with a business and all the corporate data it supplies without leaving the confines of home – providing there is a suitable Wi-Fi connection.

Many tenants have already been working on a computer desk.

Located within flats or small homes. as a renter who pays the property owners through a tenancy agreement.

In the most part, this really should prove to be no problem.

Writers, copywriters, programmers, web designers and other computer-based businesses are all posts which can be fulfilled from home.

On the face of it, it does not sound an issue.

If a tenant wants to sit at his desk all day and work, it is hardly the same as a car repair mechanic who brings in engines and spare parts into the home for his work.

Renter is Using a Property

A house owner needs to be careful about a few things where the renter is using the property owners place as an office.

What type of work is being carried out? Are there going to be more staff turning up?

One tenant, who ran an eBay business from home was a renter.

The property owners were unaware of how successful the business became.

And soon it was hiring three or four extra staff members to work inside the landlord’s home.

The house appeared to be full of tenants but was full of staff members.

And the property owners were not kept abreast with the tenant’s home-based business expansion.

Extra Lighting, Heating and Water

That meant extra lighting, heating and water was being used throughout the day.

A house owner should know exactly how much these utility bills are costing the property.

If the utilities being used are excessively high, then it might be a good idea to renegotiate the tenancy agreement.

A renegotiation of the tenancy agreement could include setting limits on the amount of electricity, gas and water being used in a calendar month.

If you find the amount is excessively high, and it has been caused by excessive use within the home-based office, then the property owners need to know about it.

If tenants use the property as a hair salon, nail bar or similar, there could be legal ramifications to consider.

A residential property now becomes a commercial one – and this bears different legalities and regulation.


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