Why Property Owners Should Allow to Change Their Property?

Property Owners Allowed to Change Their property

Why Property Owners Should Allow to Change Their Property

Property owners have a responsibility which demands they keep their properties well decorated and painted on the inside and out.

They own the building, and it should be their choice which colour scheme and décor style they want. Right?

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that.

A renter is the one that must wake up every single morning and face that bedroom wall in a shocking pink finish.

It is the renter who must live within the house every day.

It is not the homeowner that must face his own decorations on a daily basis.

However, that said: this home belongs to the householder, and there could be several tenants coming and going over the course of the coming years.

There is no real solution to this issue, so there are some considerations to take into account if you want help in making the decision.

Questions for householders to make the right decision:

  •     Are you happy and contented with your renters? Do you hope they stay for a long time and can be trusted to decorate in an acceptable manner? Does the rental look adequate as it stands? If so, leave it. If something isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it.
  •      Consider your tenants and hear out their requests. It is very likely the tenants have contacted you and requested permission to make some changes to the interior of the property. You may want to listen to this request and consider whether it is too radical, or if you are happy for it to go ahead regardless.
  •      As a homeowner, will you have the time, opportunity and money to keep the project under control? Renters may request doing some major decorative work that you would have to keep an eye on. Do you really have the time and money to stay on top of the project as it moves forward?


There is also the other side of property owners’ decisions

Not all requests by renters should automatically be granted.

Some may consider painting garish colours or in a style that a future tenant would baulk at.

One tenant asked his landlord if she could paint all the walls and ceilings in black, to satisfy her Gothic taste.

Generally, decoration and painting work must be carried out using neutral colours.

The painting responsibilities of the property owner state the work must be carried out by the homeowner if the paint breaches health and safety guidelines (if the colour is lead-based, for example).


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