10 Reasons Why You Should Have an Inventory

professional inventory

10 Reasons Why You Should Have an Inventory

A professional inventory costs money. But before you consider this to be another unnecessary financial outlay, consider this:

Tenants Do Make Damage

Most of them do not and will treat the property with respect, but a large majority are by nature, careless.

There are even reckless and thoughtless tenants out there. Carpet stains, damage to window hinges and plumbing problems are common among tenants.

Damage or Theft to Your Property Requires Proof: if you have no inventory, you’ll have no proof of missing items or damage to your property.

When it comes to claiming, you will not have any evidence to provide to the adjudicators of this damage.

Deposit and Dispute

You have taken a deposit, but this is meaningless without a professional inventory.

The deposit is useless unless you can prove any damage or theft from the tenant. Dispute?

An inventory can help to avoid dispute, especially when your standards do not match the standards of the tenant upon their leaving.

The Grey Area of Wear and Tear: Natural deterioration of the property is going to happen.

So what is “wear and tear” and what is real damage? The opinion of the inventory clerk matters. If you have one, that would work in your favour.

An inventory is a useful reminder

The Unreliability of Memories: How can you possibly remember what the state of your home was like when your tenant first moved in? An inventory is a useful reminder.

Professionals are more thorough than you: Inventory clerks notice every little detail. It is in their job description to do so.

If you think about it, little things like a broken dimmer switch or an expensive light fitting crack may not be so easily noticeable at first, but an inventory clerk will check these things and notice them.

But they will need an inventory to compare against.

Inventories save Time

Writing an inventory yourself can be done but be warned: it can take several hours of your time to prepare and document this vital piece of paperwork.

A Tenant May Demand an Inventory: It may not be a legal requirement, but most tenants will wish to see one regardless.

This document gives an impression to the tenant that you care about your home, and that you want them to care too.

An Inventory Encourages Better Behaviour: If a tenant has an inventory, they are forewarned of all the items and fittings they need to take special care of.

*An inventory is also tax-deductible. So it is a sound investment to get one prepared professionally.

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