5 Good Reasons to Use Reneza Online Letting Services

online letting services reneza

5 Good Reasons to Use Reneza Online Letting Services

An online letting service is a much better option for landlords and tenants.

Surprisingly, only about half of all landlords have chosen to use online letting services.

It has been estimated that around 40 per cent of all landlords still prefer to use the traditional agent found in the high street.

Having online letting services allows landlords the opportunity to take control over the letting.

Reneza service has a dashboard within its websites that specifically allow landlords access to see and monitor everything.

This might be from payments, clients’ personal details, certificates, terms of stay and repair or maintenance carried out on the property.

Below you can see Reneza website as a property owner.

online letting sedrvices Reneza

It is within this handy platform area that landlords can access their adverts and tweak any minor changes in real time (price, terms etc.) and they can add new services to the existing portfolio if they so wish.

online letting services Reneza

It allows the landlord to dictate exactly how the property being on the market appears to the online world.

Reneza also gives landlords the opportunity to meet their tenants a lot earlier in the process.

Bear in mind that now, as a landlord, it is down to you to show potential tenants around the property.

Previously, the high street letting agency would have taken care of the tenants and you would not get to meet them until they were close to actually moving in.

This process of Reneza allows both parties a sneak preview of landlord and tenant relationship.

Typical High Street Agents

The typical high street agents will give you all this service whether you want or not.

You will pay dearly and there will be a hefty commission added in many cases.

Finally, online letting services are able to save landlords thousands of pounds of the fees often charged by agents.

The online community have no offices to upkeep and can pass its savings on to you.

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