Landscaping Tips to Save Water

landscaping tips

Landscaping Tips to Save Water

Everyone should take inspiration from the costly water bills, drought, and water restrictions to find a way of reducing water consumption.

landscaping tips

There are several methods that landlords and tenants can consider if they would like to save water.

To save water, here are a few tips to consider:

Water Saving Tips for Landlords

  •     Choose the ideal type of grass

One of the most paramount tips for saving water is choosing the right grass species.

landscaping tips

Whether you are choosing warm-season or cool-season species, you must understand the majority of these species need direct sunlight for about 6 to 8 hours every day.

Some of the best choices for drought and shades include fine fescues, zoysiagrass, and Bermuda grass.

  •     Install ground covers

Rather than selecting grasses, you can choose native plants and ground covers.

landscaping tips

These alternatives save water and are easier to maintain.

Options to consider include blue star creeper, miniature daisies, bugleweed, and creeping thyme.

You should also avoid decorative rocks as they easily become dusty.

  •     Try xeriscaping

This is basically about reducing water consumption.

landscaping tips

It involves planting daffodils, poppies, iris, hibiscus, and other plans that can resist the effects of drought.

These plants do not require as much water as other plants.

  •     Install a drip-watering system that has a rain-sensing timer

A drip-watering system provides water to every plant based on their specific needs.

Resultantly, each plant gets exactly what it needs to grow optimally without the possibility of overwatering.

Apart from optimizing water for each plant, the rain-sensing timer also helps you prevent wasting water.

  •     Ensure inspection of the existing sprinkler systems

Unless you inspect the existing systems, you may never know what has happened to them.

landscaping tips

After inspection, replace any broken hardware, repair leaks, and adjust the systems so that water gets to the landscape.

You can install a timer so that the landscape or lawn gets the exact water it needs.

Water Saving Tips For tenants

Check out the important water saving tips for tenants:

  •     Perform deep watering in the morning

landscaping tips

You do not have to water the grass more than twice every week.

However, make sure the watering is deep so that deeper roots will develop.

Such deeper roots can resist drought.

  •     Mow the plant at the ideal height

Make sure that you mow the lawn to about 1/3 of its original height.

Allow the clippings of grass to decompose and nourish the soil.

  •     Remove the weeds

If you do not want to deprive the grass of essential nutrients and water, make sure that you remove the weeds.

landscaping tips

Remove the debris around the trees, grass, and shrubs.

Then add mulch to the soil.

Start spreading the mulch at about 4 to 6 inches away from the trunk and spread till it reaches the external part of the canopy.

  •     Use soaker hoses

Another important tip for renters is to save water by using soaker hoses for sprinkling water on the landscape.

landscaping tips

Renters can also regulate sprinkling by installing battery-operated timer at the spigot.

  •     Utilize compost

Adding different inches of compost can be of great advantages to tenants as they can save water and beautify the garden.

However, you should first get approval from your landlord.

After digging composts into your garden, you can grow vegetables or fruits there.

Water the plants with soaker hoses.

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