What Do Landlords Look For in the Ideal Tenant?

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What Do Landlords Look For in the Ideal Tenant?

Landlords with a rented property are always on the lookout for someone who would be a dependable, secure and a reliable tenant.

House owners are always searching for the perfect tenant.

But are there ways by which property owners can make the right choice for renters?

In short, yes.

As with any property managing agents, one of the key requirements house owners love to see in renters is a steady job.

Property management services always work on a principle that the rent will be around £1,000 per month on average.

Although this can vary, the income of the renters must come to 30 times the rent.

Landlords prefer the tenant to have an income that covers the rent and enough to live on too.


Renters who have little or nothing left over after paying the rent may be liable to default.

A renter who pays £500 per month in rent should be earning a minimum of £15,000 per year to cover all costs.  

In the case of the freelancer, bank statements proving sustainability or tax returns may submit.

Legal Renting

It is the duty of the landlord to be sure the tenant has a right to rent in the UK.

At the same time, property owners must adhere to the Equalities Act and not discriminate on the grounds of race, religion, gender, nationality or disability.

Property management services carry out background checks which determine whether the tenant is legally in the country.


Landlords who operate without property managing agents should carry out thorough and diligent background checks.

A Guarantor Certifies Rent Will Be Paid

If a potential renter can provide a guarantor, they can show that any problems paying the rent.

In this case, a huge impact does tenant agreement.

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Successful landlording

First Impressions Matter

When landlords meet with their new tenants or interview potential customers to rent within their property, they should look for smart, honest and open communication.

Landlords should feel free to check over the social media profile and determine the character they are.

Employers do this, landlords should also look into the digital footprint of a tenant too.

Encourage Communication with Tenants at all Times

When something goes wrong, tenants often hesitate to contact landlords for fear of getting the blame or being forced to pay for the damage.

Therefore, landlords should encourage renters to get in touch at all times.

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