New Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Rules: Are You Ready?

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New Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Rules: Are You Ready?

There are recent regulations concerning new Energy Performance Certificate rules.

That will impact on property owners, online letting agents, tenants and landlords alike. All must know what these regulations mean for them.

Landlords duties have an amendment – in place now – and property owners, landlords and online letting agents need to know that failure to comply with the regulation could cost them, dear.

The UK government has set some pretty tough emission targets to be met over the next 30 years.

For these targets to be achievable, carbon emissions from homes, factories and all municipal buildings must be wiped out (down to zero) by the year 2050.

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It is a huge ask but one we will all have to strive to achieve. The welcoming news among all this is: the planet will thank us for it.

Property owners must look to start getting their homes energy efficient.

That means achieving an energy efficient rating of A.

The New Guidelines

The new guidelines surrounding EPC came into force in April 2018. However, how does this all affect online letting agents, tenants and landlords?

Renters and sellers of home properties are all affected, and everyone involved in this process will fall under the regulations in some way or another.

As of April 1st2018, all buildings (including all homes and apartments) had to be issued with an energy rating.

Every property had to be rated at level E or higher.

Any house or apartment that falls below the E rating cannot go on the market for resale and will not be permitted to become a place for renting out to tenants.

Property Must Have an EPC

Legally, every single property must have an EPC. The ratings go from A (the highest) to G (the lowest).

Therefore if a tenant considers moving into a property and renting, they can ask the online letting agents to see the EPC.

And decide for themselves if the building and energy efficiency rating performance is adequate for their needs or not.

Landlords duties include providing a copy of the EPC to the tenant free of charge. However, what if your property is rated lower than E?

Then changes to the home must be made to get the performance rating up to an acceptable level.

There are charges and penalties dished out to those landlords and property owners who fail to comply with the new regulations.

Any landlord renting out a property, rated at below E, for more than three months can be fined £5,000.

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