Do Landlords Actually Call Employers For Background Check?

Do Landlords Actually Call Employers For Background Check?

During the process of renting an apartment, homeowners often require some documents including a background check.

One of these documents is the contact details of the renters’ employers so as to do employment verification.

Factually, different landlords use various systems during the rental application process.

However, some take the process more seriously than others.

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While some landlords will go ahead with the background check and employment verification, a few others may decide not to do so.

In consideration of this, here are a few tips for renters when they are preparing to submit an application for a new rental.

Things You Should Expect

You must understand that 90% of homeowners will conduct a comprehensive screening of your background check and employment history.

This is to ensure that you truly satisfy their requirements and are capable of renewing your rents when necessary.

Many property owners will take their time to hire third-party screening firms to help them get your criminal background, employment history, and credit reports.

In some cases, your landlord may even contact your employer directly to make inquiries about your employment status.

Nevertheless, you must always understand that every house owner uses a different qualification process.

Resultantly, you may not be able to decide whether your would-be landlord is going to conduct thorough verifications or not.

Why Do Landlords Contact Employer for a Background check?

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As earlier stated, your landlord wants to know whether you can pay the monthly rent or not.

Therefore, when finding tenants, he/she will likely take the pain to contact your employers for verifications.

Notably, your landlord can also request for proof of income or contact your references to validate your tenancy.

Landlords usually contact employers because of the following reasons:

  • To verify your employment status

Merely telling your property owner that you are employed is not enough;

they would like to verify your claim. Many dubious renters will lie about where they work in a bid to convince the landlord to allow them to move into a rental.

Consequently, the landlord usually calls the main phone number of the employer so as to verify your employment directly.

Also, if your employer sends reports of their employees to the credit bureaus, it is possible for the landlord to acquire your employment information through your credit report.

  • To confirm the length of employment

Most landlords would prefer to give their rental properties to individuals with stable employment history.

A renter who changes job every three or six months is definitely unstable and such could have difficulties with paying rents.

Therefore, they may likely ask your employer how long you have been working with them.

So, being employed for a long time could be of great advantages for tenants who are looking for new rentals.

  • To verify your income 

Another reason for contacting the employers of tenants is to verify their income.

Although you might have signified how much you earn in your application, your landlord may need verification.

As a result of this, the homeowner may decide to call your employers.

However, lots of employers will not provide such information because it is a breach of the right to privacy.

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In such a situation, your tax return, pay stubs, or W-2s may suffice.

Alternatively, you may choose not to allow the landlord to speak directly to your employer.

You can get your employer to write an official letter to confirm all the information you have provided.

The letter should provide information on your length of employment, employment status, and monthly income.

Irrespective of the method you choose, the most important thing is that your landlord confirms the credibility of your tenancy through your employment information.

Several landlords may ask for many sets of information

For many landlords, it is important that your monthly income is three times your monthly rent.

Nonetheless, this is not the same with every landlord as some of them may require that you earn about two times of your rent.

If you are earning less than the required income, the landlord may decide to deny your application.

Reneza can assist any landlords looking for ways to verify the employment information of their potential tenants.

Moreover, most landlords will request a security deposit from their renters.

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In many cases, the landlord will return the deposit to the tenant when the lease term ends.

However, if the tenant violates the lease terms, he/she may lose the deposit.

Some landlords do not require much information

It is worthwhile to note that a few landlords are very lenient with the rental application process.

As such, they may neither call your human resource manager or employer nor conduct any comprehensive background checks before approving your application.

However, since you may not know much about the landlord’s application process, you should prepare for anything.

Even if you are currently looking for a new job or experiencing financial challenges, you should not hide this fact from your landlord.

Your honesty may be the major factor that the landlord will consider to approve your rental application.

Nonetheless, your dishonest could hamper your chances of getting the rentals or lead to some legal issues.

What assistance do you need as regards landlord-tenant relationship, decorating and redecorating your rentals, finding tenants or other issues related to real estate?

Whatever the problem is, Reneza is always here to service your need with great expertise and unrivaled experience.

Get in touch with us now and let’s help you.

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