Can a Landlord Terminate a Lease Early to Sell the Property or Move In?


Can a Landlord Terminate a Lease Early to Sell the Property or Move In?

If the renter fails to adhere to the lease agreement, the landlord has the right to terminate a lease after notifying the tenant appropriately.

This is referred to as terminating with a clause.

This is one of the terms that should be kept in books for landlords.

Some of the reasons that may make a house owner consider terminating with clause include accommodating of new squatters without permission, unpaid rent, housing a pet.


When the agreement does not permit it, and if the renter is involved in drug dealings or any other criminal acts.

However, what will happen if the renter has done nothing wrong, but the homeowner decides to terminate the agreement because of other reasons?

For instance, you may prefer selling your property by listing while it is still occupied by the renter.

However, it will be of more advantages for landlords to sell their property when it has no occupant.

Considering that you are the property owner, it is your right to sell the property whenever you want.

Nevertheless, is it possible for you to terminate the lease agreement early so that you can sell the property?

Or can you terminate the lease to allow you or your relative move in?

Yes, if The Clause is a Part of The Lease Agreement

As the house owner, you can include any clause you want in the lease.


Therefore, you can include the clause for terminating the lease early in your agreement.

So, one of the vital tips for landlords who may want to move in or sell their property is that they should consider adding a clause that can make them break the lease anytime.

In most cases, the clause requires that the lease can be terminated after a 30-day notification has been sent to the tenant.

Whatever the case may be, this clause must be clearly written in a way that the renter can see it.

In addition, take your time to explain the clause to the tenant in details before they move in.

No, if The Clause is Not a Part of The Lease Agreement

You probably would not anticipate the possibility of selling your property or moving back in during the lease term.

Therefore, you would likely not include the clause for early termination in your lease agreement.

In such a case, it is not possible for you to terminate the lease without cause.

For a fixed lease term, both the house owner and tenant must adhere to the term.

Therefore, just as the renter cannot move out without making payment for the agreed term, you also cannot send them out before the lease term ends.

However, it is possible for you to inquire if they would like to move out early.

Also, you can incentivize them to move out early by giving them money.

However, the tenant is not obligated to do so.

Choose a Month-To-Month Lease Option

An important tip for house owners who may want to terminate their lease early is opting for a month-to-month lease.

With this agreement, you only need to send a 30-day notice to your tenant before terminating the lease.


However, you should check your state laws as regard termination of month-to-month leases.

Places like Portland, Oregon requires the landlord to send a 90-day notice to the tenant while others demand a 60-day notice.

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