Is a Landlord Always Responsible for Mould Remediation?

landlord always responsible

Is a Landlord Always Responsible for Mould Remediation?

Tenants and homeowners both agree:

mould is a blight on the property whether you live within it, or own it.

Some tenants are more sensitive to it than others.

But for a landlord, finding tenants can be problematic if your property has mould.

landlords always responsible

But what happens when renters alert the homeowners of a mould issue?

Who should do what?

Is there any action that should be immediately taken by the landlord?

The answer is not all that clear.

A landlord may believe it is always their responsibility to clean up mould, but it is not always the case.

landlords always responsible

How Much Mould?

The cause of the mould forming in the first place is a determining factor in deciding who is responsible for the clean-up operation.

The severity of the damage is also a mitigating factor.

It is also not right that a landlord is always responsible and should pay off hundreds of pounds on mould remediation when the problem has been over exaggerated by the tenant.

The Attitude of Mould

Renters can demand a thoroughly clean and pristine home.

As long as the premises are well-kept, liveable and free of dust and dirt, tenants should be content with that.

In the other hand, a failure by landlords to act on what is truly a hazardous amount of mould, could result in the tenants taking the landlord to court.

Mould is a problem.

It is also a controversial issue regarding our health.

The advantages for tenants in reporting mould is that the landlord will take any action necessary to remove any excessive build up.

If you look around the general neighbourhood, however, you might find the mould levels are often lower.

In the homeowner’s rental property than it is in other homes with the neighbourhood.

landlord always responsible

Are There Ways By Which A Landlord Can Prevent the Build-Up of Mould?

Maintaining the premises in such a way as to prevent the build-up of mould is a good way to start for homeowners.

Keeping surfaces dry and clean is one way the renters can help.

These are clear advantages for tenants as they can enjoy an environment which is not blighted by mould.

landlord always responsible

It is worth remembering that mould spores are everywhere and no property or homestead in the world can be completely clear of every single spore.

In fact, there are over 250,000 variations of mould and many of them are actually quite harmless.


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