How To Pick a Good Roommate?

pick a good roommate

How To Pick a Good Roommate

Selecting a great roommate is an art on its own.

If you can pick a responsible individual, your stay together will be better and more purposeful.

Although finding a good roommate may be quite challenging and time-consuming.

It can be very crucial in helping you avoid any embarrassing financial or mental problems.

In this regard, check out the following tips for renters that pick a good roommate:

  • Craigslist – You are guaranteed to get lots of responses, so be prepared to specify certain conditions that will make or mar your relationship with a renter which may include nonsmoker.
  • Facebook – Whether making it public or sharing only with friends, you can post about your needs for tenants on your Facebook page.

Although you are going to get more views if the post is made public, you are likely going to get spam responses.

pock a good roommate

Therefore, sharing the post with only friends will offer you more value.
Also, tag some of your friends in the post, so that your mutual friends can see the post too.

  • Roommate apps – Many apps are dedicating to helping people find roommates.

Despite their advantages for tenants to pick a good roommate, you must understand that a few of them may charge you before you access their premium services.

Just like matchmaking apps, these apps allow you to determine your requirements so that interested renters can be filtered.

pick a good roommate

Make Inquiries

  • Do you get income steadily?

Let your potential co-tenant provide proof of a steady income so that you can know whether they will be able to pay the rent regularly or not.

Not only will this question help you, but it provides advantages for the landlord who wouldn’t have to go through troubles to get rent monthly.

pick a good roommate

  • Do you have other expenses?

A car loan, student loans or other expenses can adversely affect the monthly income.

Therefore, ascertain that the other party will have enough money left to take care of the rent.

pick a good roommate

  • Are you a smoker?

If you are not a smoker, keeping a smoker as your roommate may be a big problem, especially if indoor smoking is going to be involved.

pick a good roommate

  • Do you keep a pet?

Due to restrictions on keeping of pets in a few properties, you should be clear on if your potential co-tenant keeps one or not.

Also, if you keep a pet, let the other party know so they can decide whether they cannot cope or probably allergic to them.

pick a good roommate

  • Describe your work schedule 

Since someone’s work schedule can affect the sleep routine of their roommate, it is important for you to discuss it.

pick a good roommate

  • Do you have someone you are dating?

 Although this question is personal, you should not shy away from knowing if they have a partner that they may come to visit regularly.

  • Would you like to ask me anything?

Give room to the other party to make inquiries too to know more about the other party, talk about their likes, dislikes, and overall habits.

Filter The Applicants

  • Meet– After handpicking a few people, meet them in person.

This eases how you relate and allows you to talk about move-in dates, pets, and other things.

pick a good roommate

  • Conduct a background check – To avoid getting burned by the potential renters, conduct a background check to know the kind of person they are.

Websites such as Cozy can help you check sex-offender and criminal records.

You should also check previous evictions.

  • Get references – Let the other party provide an employer or previous landlord who can vouch for them as references.

pick a good roommate

Ensure that you call the references.

  • Let them show you proof of their income – Do not take their words for it, get proof of income for many months.

Be Cautions About Friends

While you may feel it is reasonable to make your close friends your roommates, it may be counterproductive.

Contrary to common beliefs, staying together with your friends may be more problematic than you have ever imagined as you may not be able to evict them anytime you want.

So, if possible, avoid having your close friends or family members as your roommates.

Finally, taking your time to find a good roommate is always an effort that will pay off in the long run.

Would you like to get assistance concerning your efforts to pick a good roommate or any other things related to real estates? If yes, Reneza is always here to take care of your needs.

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