How to Deal With Bad Tenants?

How to Deal With Bad Tenants – 13 Problems Property Owners Face

From time to time, many house owners have to know how to deal with bad tenants.

Nevertheless, it may not be enough to just lower rent so that good tenants stay while the troublesome ones leave.

In respect to this, here are 13 common problems that homeowners often face with bad tenants:

Bad tenants fail to pay rent

Financial difficulty, the need to settle maintenance and repair dispute with the property owner. Temporary unemployment is some of the possible reasons that may make a renter fail to pay rent.

how to deal with bad tenants
Empty wallet

Nevertheless, communication is vital because it can help the property owner and tenant to find a way to deal with the problem.

Create payment options  

For tenant having problems with cash flow, the landlord can create payment options that suit the tenant.

how to deal with bad tenants
Payment options

This provides many advantages for property owner and tenants as they can negotiate the best options.

To deal with this, tips for landlords include acceptance of a payment from the tenant annually or spreading.

The delinquent rent or late fees evenly across the rest of the tenant lease.

Landlords can also accept weekly partial payments from the renter or use parts of the security deposit as rent.

Alter the living arrangement

Homeowners can also consider moving the tenants to small, cheaper units or getting them a roommate.

how to deal with bad tenants
Home for money

Nevertheless, if all these options fail, the landlord should advise the bad tenants to move out.

Let the bad tenants know the impact of eviction on their rental and credit history so that they can move out voluntarily.

 Bad tenants scale through the process of screening

To get rid of bad tenants during the screening process, here are some important tips house owners:

  •   Ensure a detailed background screening that involves checking credit history, full name, Social Security number, and address.
how to deal with bad tenants
Background check
  •   Conduct interviews for a potential tenant at the showing.This will allow you to understand why the tenants are moving out of their current home. Their reasons may be a pointer to the kind of tenant they will be.
    how to deal with bad tenants
    Moving out
  •   Filling the form at the first showing will ensure that the potential tenants give their real details.
  • If they fill the application later, they will have ample time to falsify some of the requirements.
  •  Get a completed application during the showing.
  •  Get in touch with previous landlords.
how to deal with bad tenants
Ways of communication

Rather than speaking to the current landlord, speak to the previous one.

   In a bid to evict a problem renter, the current landlord might say good things about such an individual.

  •     Contact the direct supervisor of the applicant.

 Speaking to the direct supervisor of the applicant can shed more light on the traits they have.

If you want to make sure about your future tenants, Reneza can help you with that!

Your property has a distasteful reputation


Illegal conducts, bad people, and loud parties are just a few of the reasons that may make a building to have a bad reputation.

Resultantly, many potential tenants may avoid it like a plague.

Changes must be put in place so that residents can notice the differences.

  •     Contact law enforcement.

   In some cases, you may need to speak to the police to help you evict bad tenants.

  •     Create a system.

   You can create a system that incentivizes good tenants to rent your home. This system can include cash, gift cards or other bonuses for referrals.

In addition, ensure that you advertise your rentals.


A bad renter disturbs neighbors constantly

Take measures that can help you prevent any problems and solve existing ones.

how to deal with bad tenants
Bad neighbors

Foremost, encourage your tenants to solve any issues they are having among themselves. However, if they are unable to resolve the issues, step in to help them.

The turnover rate of a building is high

Repair disputes are some of the major reasons that force many tenants out of a building. Resultantly, property owners should respond on time to any requests for repairs or maintenance.

how to deal with bad tenants
Repair service

If you currently have vacancies, some of the things you can do include:

  •     Repair and upgrade the rental property
  •     Check out the rents and amenities of other properties.

  If necessary, decrease your rent or improve your amenities.

  •     Make a deal with the tenants to renew rents in advance.

 The renewal can come about three or four months before the end of the current lease.

You can encourage the tenant to renew rent in advance by providing incentives.

 Pest issues

It is important for you to hire exterminators regularly to get rid of bugs, and other critters in your rentals.

how to deal with bad tenants
No pests

Failure to do this may lead to high turnover rates.

 Roofing problems

Safety and habitability are some of the basic requirements of every home.

how to deal with bad tenants
Broken roof

Therefore, a property owner must prevent any problems, such as roofing problems, that may affect the safety and habitability of a home for tenants.

Any leaks or problems in the roof must be fixed by the property owner.

 Faulty appliances

If the lease contract stipulates that the house has certain appliances, landlords must ensure that those appliances are properly maintained and repaired when necessary.

how to deal with bad tenants
Check for appiliances

If an appliance is a part of the contract, landlords must ensure that they install it before the tenant moves in.

 Security deposit problems

A renter may erroneously believe that the security deposit covers the rent for the last month.

However, this is wrong and may lead to a problem as the deposit may not be enough to cover the rent after damages and other expenses have been removed from the deposit.

how to deal with bad tenants

Endeavor to make it clear to the tenant that the security deposit is not for the last month’s rent.

Breach of rules

If a tenant violates any rules, the property owner has the right to send a written request to him or her to make necessary corrections.

how to deal with bad tenants
Rules apply

However, if the tenant does not correct the problems, the landlord has the right to evict such a person.

For instance, this violation may be keeping a pet or housing a squatter which is not a part of the lease term.

 Past-due bills

It is important for landlords to clarify the person who is responsible for taking care of past-due utilities.

If the tenant moves out and the landlord has not clarified who is responsible beforehand, then the landlord will have to pay the utilities.

Reneza sends reminders for tenants to avoid past-due bills. As a landlord you will be able to see them as well!

how to deal with bad tenants
Reneza overview
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