How Often can a Landlord Inspect a Rental Property?

How Often can a Landlord Inspect a Rental Property?

Renters will from time to time receive a call from the house owners about the property inspection. 

Property inspection

The call will be to warn of a landlord’s inspection appointment.

Tenants should not panic or worry about this;

it is a homeowners’ right and duty to keep tabs on the home they have invested so much into.

However, if renters are misusing the home and the lease terms appear to be compromised, the tenants may expect termination of the contract.

But if there is no damage and the property is neatly kept, the advantages for renters are that the lease will probably be renewed.

Tips for Tenants

Although the vast majority of landlord inspections take place by way of appointment, some are random and unannounced.

But this should not be a cause of concern for tenants.

Providing there have been no major renovation projects (unapproved) or damage to appliances, a landlord will be satisfied with the terms of the lease and tenancy are being adequately fulfilled.

Property inspection

As it can be clearly seen, there are advantages for landlords in regular property inspection and renters can benefit too.

A landlord will not be looking for a pile of ironing waiting to be done, the dishes that have not been cleaned or some laundry on the bedroom floor.

A homeowner is more concerned about more superficial damage to the property if there is any.

Landlords Do Not Inspect to Evict

A landlord inspection is not some effort to find a way of evicting a tenant.

Indeed, a homeowner wants a tenancy and will hope that everything is in good shape.

They would rather that than turn every carpet corner looking for a reason to terminate the tenancy.

What are Landlords Looking For?

They will want to see if you have secretly moved in a pet against the rules of the tenancy.

They will also look for evidence that nobody else has been moved in as a guest.

Property inspection

A landlord will check the circuit and electricity maintenance cycles, to see whether there has been any excessive use of power beyond domestic use.

Landlord Inspections: How often is Acceptable?

Some homeowners do not inspect the property at all.

If the tenancy is just two years or less, there might be property inspection just before the renter moves out.

In other cases, three times a year is common in the early years of a tenancy.


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