How to Inspect Your Rental Property?

inspect your rental property

How to Inspect Your Rental Property?

After securing new tenants and executing all legalities, a landlord may decide to relax and start getting rental incomes.

A few landlords would like to give the tenant some space to get accustomed to the rental property. Others would rather stay away unless the tenant contacts them.

inspect your rental property

Whatever the case may be, it is recommending that a landlord should check their rental properties from time to time.

Inspect Your Rental Property Easily

However, if you are uncertain about why you need to do so, check out these top 5 reasons:


  •  Dedicate time to both your rental property and tenant

After you have allowed your tenants to get on living in the property, a regular visit will be a great instrument.

It will let them understand that you are truly committed to taking care of your investment in both the properties and tenants.

In addition, such visits will enable the tenants to notify you of any uncritical issues that could have aggravated if not dealt with on time.

inspect your rental property

  • Help you understand the kind of person that you tenants are

Without a doubt, you must have done a thorough inspection of your tenant to decide who is most suitable for you.

Trustworthy, and capable of taking care of your rental property.

However, after they have moved in, how certain are you that the tenant is still reliable?

This is where a regular visit plays a pivotal role in letting you know of an incriminating sub-letting.  

Or if your tenant is accommodating a friend, family member or companion that is not part of your agreement.

Also, this extends to the keeping of pets, especially aggressive ones like Alsatian dogs. In this case, your agreement might not cover.

With the aid of a regular visit, it may be necessary for you to include a Pet Clause in your rental contract.

You will protect your rental property against any possible damages that the pets may cause.

inspect your rental property

  • Stay informed about maintenance

Sometimes, you cannot count on your tenant to provide you details of any damage on your rental property unless it directly affects them.

While the damage may require repairs or replacement to avoid further trouble, how would you do so if you are not aware?

inspect your rental property

So, whether you have been notified of the damages or not, you can keep yourself informed. And on any maintenance issues by visiting your property regularly.

Laws & Regulations

  • Keep everything honest and legitimate

The truth is that you may be in the dark concerning what your tenants are doing behind closed doors.

There have been cases where the landlord was contacted out of the blues by the Police.

Only to be informed about various illegal activities that were carried out in their rental property by the tenants.

  • Safeguard your insurance

One important thing that you need to verify is the regulation of your landlord insurance as regards whether you or your agent should inspect your rental property at least once in six months.

Failure to adhere to this rule may void your insurance policy.

Therefore, to be on the safer side, you should have a written or emailed document. You can use this as proof of your visit to the rental property.

inspect your rental property

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inspect your rental property

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