How To Be a Good Communicating Landlord? 3 Landlord Communication Lessons

landlord communication

Landlord Communication Lessons

Without a doubt, being a homeowner is a serious and time-consuming business.

And just like other businesses, the importance of landlord communication to the success of owning a rental property cannot be overemphasized.

Apart from treating the customers well, you also need to inform them properly on your rental property.

Tenant turnover requires money and time.

landlord communicationNonetheless, if you have the right communication lessons, you can improve tenant retention.

Tenant retention will not only be of financial advantages for landlords, but it will also save them time and ensure a great relationship with the tenants.

So, what are the 3 important landlord communication lessons for property owners?

Ensure Honesty and Transparency

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Clarity, transparency, and honesty should be the hallmarks of communications between the landlords and tenants.

From the unit listing, the property owner should ensure legality and honesty.

  • Lease terms

To ensure that the households enjoy utmost comfort, landlords should explain the regulations, rules, and charges to the tenants.

In addition to explaining everything in understandable terms, the lease should also be legal.

A perfect understanding of each clause will help in establishing a good relationship between the parties involved.

  • Rental terms

To make sure that communication continues during the rental term, homeowners should provide a means of communication.

It is important for the tenants to be able to contact the landlord comfortably when there are any issues.

landlord communication

Such communication offers several advantages for households as well as properties as any issues can be easily dealt with on time.

  • Lease renewal

Ideally, the property owners should get in touch with the tenants about 90 days before lease renewal.

Whether you want the tenant to move out or renew the lease, you should give the tenants 30 days to decide.

This offers you ample time to get new tenants if the tenant is moving out. In all these, the communication should be transparent and honest.

Guarantee Mutual Respect

As they say, respect is reciprocal. Mutual respect should exist between the homeowner and the tenant so as to build a healthy relationship.

It is the duty of the landlord to take the initiative that suggests mutuality of respect.

From ensuring clear landlord communication to respecting the boundaries of tenants, and getting approval before entering tenants’ unit, the landlord must respect the tenant.

landlord communication

Also, the personal lives and privacy of the tenant do not concern the landlord, except they affect the property or involve illegality.

On the other hand, the tenant should promote mutual respect by adhering to all regulations and paying all dues at the right time.

However, there may still be signs of lack of respect from the tenants.

In such cases, property owners should not hesitate to discuss it and promote proper communications.

Acknowledge That We are All Humans

We are all humans and should be treated as such.

Everyone wants to live happily with their households, but life happens at times.

Things may go out of hand in some cases.

Therefore, homeowners and tenants should have this understanding as it can determine how they react to certain issues.

Many times, the tenant may demand a repair or maintenance; however, circumstances may make it difficult for the landlord to deal with the issue at the time.

landlord communication

On the part of the renters, the rent may be delayed at times.

However, great communication may be a major difference.

Exceptional customer service and communication should be the basis of their relationships.

Landlords can save a lot of money by retaining the existing tenants while tenants can also gain by avoiding the extra costs of moving.

Conclusively, both the property owners and tenants should strive to promote good communication.

You can take advantage of the innovative technology of Reneza to promote seamless communication between you and your tenants today.

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