Energy Efficiency: Landlord Will Need £26k to Meet Climate Standards

energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency: Landlord Will Need £26k to Meet Climate Standards

Among the more critical landlord duties for the future will be energy efficient.

The Committee of Climate Change (CCC) has calculated that property owners must pay in excess of £26,000 between now and 2050 on energy efficiency.

energy efficient

New properties must be brought up to a standard of carbon neutral by 2050.

Failure to meet these demands will result in landlords being unable to rent out their properties.

In many cases, it may even be impossible to sell the property unless it meets these energy efficiency guidelines.

energy efficiency

Property owners will no longer be able to ignore these regulations.

Indeed, the manner in which energy use in the homes of the UK has been increasing is beginning to make a cause for concern.

Landlords’ Responsibilities are Greater than Originally Thought

The government ban on gas connections is actually not any old urban myth.

A report from the CCC regarding the fitness on homes in Britain for the future has determined that all new properties will not be built with a gas connection.

energy efficiency

Private landlords, it would seem, have even less time to prepare for a carbon future.

Landlord duties must meet a minimum EPC (Energy Proficient Certified) standard by 2030.

Then by 2050, there will be further targets for landlords to meet.

These will involve reaching a standard emission target that will end up costing dear.

What About Existing Properties?

The Treasury is planning a budget to encourage existing homes to be refitted with heat pumps, walled insulations and soft coverings.

In fact, it has been a program going on throughout the last 10 years.

energy efficiency

These renovations are likely to increase to include things like shading, ventilation and protection against flooding.

To make the home resilient to climate change and have low carbon emissions you need to design all these tasks.

EPC Rating of E

energy efficiency

The duties of the landlord were clear on April 1, 2018

An EPC rating of E or above is required before they can take on any new tenants or rent their property out to the general market.

At present, the law does not cover all tenancies.

There are some exceptions.

However, from April 1, 2020, there will be no exceptions and all properties must adhere to the EPC rating of E or higher.

If you need more information or consultations about EPC standards get in touch with Reneza Now!

energy efficient



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