Spring Maintenance Checklist for Landlords

checklist for landlords


Spring Maintenance Checklist for Landlords

Spring is on the way and every landlord should know what is expected of them in regards to their property.

checklist for landlords

The advantages for property owners that intend to be let out are clear.

As a householder, the month of March should be viewed as a time for spring cleaning and getting the home in order for renting.

Spring maintenance is crucial where items which affect habitability are concerned.

Spring is the right time to address these issues as the days are becoming longer and the working hours available are there waiting for us.

Furthermore, the days are steadily getting warmer and the time is ripe for spring cleaning and maintenance.

Anyone working in property management services will tell you the summer is the time when most tenants make their move.

checklist for landlords

The Task for Spring Maintenance Should Begin By Making a Checklist

The first task in the checklist for landlords should begin with a walk around the exterior of the property.

Check the roof and siding for any repair requirements.

checklist for landlords

Even if you have tenants in at the time, inform them as the property owner, you will need to check for winter damage and survey the home for spring maintenance.

Gutter Leaks are Common Finds

Ice, snow and frost will not have been kind to the guttering.

checklist for landlords

In the springtime, you can check the state of the gutters to see if a harsh winter has damaged the gutter in any way.

It is the best time to check for blockages and clean any leaves or bird nesting areas.

Outdoor Taps

Most properties have an outside faucet.

checklist for landlords

If the winter was particularly harsh, there may have been a strong chance the pipes leading to the exterior taps froze.

You may find the pipes leak despite the weather now improving.

Pavements and Driveways Could Be Cracked

Check any garden paths or driveways for cracks.

checklist for landlords

Failure to repair this part of the exterior grounds could cause further damage to your paths and drive through erosion and more leakage.

A Touch of Gardening

Spring is a good time for cut back any bushes that threaten to overhang into the neighbouring gardens or over your windows.

checklist for landlords

The leaves on trees will start growing from March and this could block out that lovely summer light when it arrives in a few months’ time.

The Interior

Floors, carpets, air conditioning units and look out for pests in the spring.

checklist for landlords

The spring is the time when the termites begin to come out from their winter hibernation and forage around looking for food.

In case your property is not ready for spring, Reneza repair service is available 24/7.

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checklist for landlords


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