Can Landlords Come To My Rental Property Without Permission?

Can Landlords Come To My Rental Property Without Permission?

Considering that landlords own the property, many house owners often assume that they can enter into their property without getting permission from the tenants.

However, there are basic rules that stipulate when homeowners can, or cannot, come into a rental property with or without the approval of the renters.

No entry without permission


Our tips for tenants will help them understand the minimum legal requirements obtainable when it comes to how and when a homeowner can access their rental property.

Check out the following.

Homeowners entering without permission

Landlords usually believe that they can enter into their rentals without getting permission from the tenants.

After all, they own the property. However, this is not only wrong, but it is also illegal.

The Protection from Eviction Act 1977 stipulates that homeowners must never take any action that could be considered as harassment.


Notably, getting into the home of a renter without permission is a clear example of harassment.

When can my landlord gain access to my home?

Before gaining access to the home of the tenant, the landlord must get permission from the tenant and also explain why the access is required.

The reasons might include installing a new appliance, overseeing the annual gas safety check, or inspecting the home.

You must not forget that it is the responsibility of the landlord to maintain and repair their property and its appliances.

What notice do I need to get?

You must get a 24-hour written notice from your landlord with the reasons for entering the property clearly stated in it.

Communication tools

If you allow the homeowner to enter your rented apartment, the landlord must do so at a reasonable time.

The reasonable time will ensure that the renter is available during the visit.

Under ideal situations, the landlord should not visit early in the morning or late in the night.

Viewings of the property at the end of tenancy

When your tenancy ends, a landlord can visit to show the property to potential renters or buyers.

Such viewings offer so many advantages for landlords as it allows them to get new tenants as soon as possible.

However, they must notify the current renter at least 24 hours before the inspection.

What happens in the case of an emergency?

If any chaotic water leaks, fire accidents or other emergencies happen and the tenant is not at home, the property investor can gain access into the rented property without getting any approval from the renters.


What if I do not give permission to my landlord to come into my apartment?

When it comes to landlords gaining access to properties, there are certain advantages for tenants.

In fact, renters can decide not to give permission to their landlords to enter their home.

However, if there is a genuine reason, the landlord can force themselves in without getting any permission from the tenant.

In addition, if the tenant is injured by an appliance that the landlord has tried to repair without getting permission, no claim can be made against such a landlord.

Can my landlord come into my garden without my approval?


This depends on the rental contract.

If the garden is a part of the contract, then the house owner cannot get in without permission of the tenant.

Do shared homes of multiple occupancy or HMOs have different rules?

Yes, these houses have different regulations.

In an HMO or shared house, it is within the right of the landlord to get into shared areas such as the garden, lounge, and kitchen to inspect, maintain or repair the property.

Nonetheless, homeowners should give at least 24-hours written notice and get permission from the renter if they need to enter the bedrooms.

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