The Best University Cities in the UK

The Best University Cities in the UK

The best university cities:

You are about to choose the city in which you’re going to complete your university degree?

The things to consider are multiple.

What course do you want to enroll?

What are the university facilities like?

How does the accommodation situation look like?

What about commuting, eating out, partying?

Are there any future job opportunities?

Feeling overwhelmed? No reason to feel so!

“Erasmusu” comes to the rescue with our list of top student cities in the UK.

It will help you make up your mind.

5 best university cities to live in the UK


No one should be surprised the vibrant capital is on our list.

Buzzing with energy and excitement the city will not let you get bored!

London not only has an impressive offer in terms of culture and leisure.

London has numerous art galleries, theatres, museums, and countless pubs, clubs, and restaurants.

It also offers a complete academic experience, hosting world-class universities, including institutions such as King’s College London or University College London.

You are eager to broaden your horizons by meeting students from different backgrounds?

Doubt no more and become a part of this impressive cultural melting pot!


You will be enchanted by the astonishing architecture and picturesque landscapes of this Scottish capital.

Edinburgh is a city that boasts beautiful Old Town listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The University of Edinburgh is one of the oldest British universities.

In 2018 it was ranked among the top 20 universities worldwide by the QS World University Ranking.

If you decide to come to Edinburgh, you will be able to experience the friendly and welcoming nature of Scotland and attend to one of the most prestigious institutions.

The city also organizes numerous festivals that you will have a chance to enjoy.

Throughout the year, including the renowned Fringe Festival which takes place in August.



Manchester as the second biggest city in England is home to almost 100,000 students.

You cannot imagine yourself living in a small town, but London seems to be too chaotic?

Manchester will not let you down!

The best university cities

With one of the largest student populations in Europe, Manchester has everything you need!

Quality education and lifestyle, buzzing nightlife, festivals, variety of places to eat out and plenty of work experience opportunities.

It is famous for its fantastic music scene– it gave birth to some great music bands.

Such as Oasis and the Smiths– so if you enjoy live music, Manchester is the place to be.


Glasgow, another Scottish destination that has a lot to offer.

It is home to the National Ballet, Opera and Orchestra.

With its numerous art galleries and museums, it is considered to be the cultural hub of the UK.

The best university cities

It also has a renowned shopping district (the largest in the country after London).

Its restaurant scene and its numerous parks and gardens that will allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city whenever you need to.

Universities located in Glasgow will not only offer you a wide range of diverse study programs that you can choose from.

It will also give you an opportunity to study in some truly outstanding campuses, such as the campus of the University of Glasgow.

There you will feel as if you had entered the magical world of Hogwarts or the modern campus of the Glasgow Caledonian University which is situated right in the heart of the city center.


If you are looking for a balance between busy big city life and a cozy feeling of a small town, Brighton might be the right choice for you.

You can choose to study in one of its two main universities (The University of Brighton and University of Sussex) and enjoy your time after classes taking a stroll down the seafront and having a drink with your classmates in one of the pier-side bars.

This popular among students destination is characterized by laid-back atmosphere and fantastic nightlife with lots of LGBTQ+ friendly places.

You are still undeciding and, apart from aspects such as quality of education, cultural scene, and leisure activities?

The best university cities

Are you also concerned about the affordability of the city you are about to move into?

You might want to consider cities such as Newcastle-Upon-Tyne or Aberdeen.

Both of them are some of the cheapest student cities in the UK with a great atmosphere and low living costs.

Once you’ve decided where to go, there’s another big step ahead of you!

It’s time to find your accommodation!

But, no worries!

“Erasmusu” is here to help.

No matter where you’re heading, in our accommodation for students you will find your perfect place – check it out!

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