The smarter way to manage properties.

Try the all-in-one property management and concierge platform that reduces your admin, increases your revenue and gives transparency to everyone.
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Our promise.
1. Less hassle
2. Better service
3. More revenue

Elevate your residential building

Digital renting for residents available via iOS, Android app and web portal

Unified and modern control center

01A smart app for your tenants.

Make life easy for your residents with an app that simplifies the rental process and creates a community within your building.

02A smart platform for you.

Use our property management platform to advertise properties, onboard tenants, manage maintenance, provide service bookings, and run community management activities within your building.
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Give tenants the hotel experience with on-demand hospitality services.

01 Service at the click of a button

Give your tenants the ability to choose from a range of on-demand services like move-in essentials, dry cleaning, home cleaning and pet care, all in one app - so you can drive increased revenue from your property.

02 Add amenities

Offer your residents the opportunity to book in-app services like cinemas, spas, massages and gym inductions, so you can drive more value from the services your building provides.
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Make your life easier

Use our property management platform to offer a simpler, more integrated experience for your residents and your staff - and maximize revenues from your property.

01 Automate your lead management and resident onboarding

Reduce your admin, maximize your revenue and provide transparency to everyone throughout the entire tenancy life cycle.

02 Simplify processes for property staff

Manage resident and unit information all in one place. Maintenance ticketing system, live-chat interface, amenity management, automated rent collection, everything that you need to understand what's going on in your building with real-time analytics

03 Drive revenue from all building transactions

Build your own custom marketplace to maximize your revenue. Track transactions and booking information, and take payments in whatever way works best.
Maximize move-in revenue
Earn more commission from utility switches and up selling insurance products right at the moment your tenants need it.
Get ongoing value
Build digital communities in your properties and drive on-going value from onsite facilities and services.
Reduce friction
A simplified renting experience through an automated self-serve platform
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Asset management made simple with Reneza

  • 01Make the whole rental experience digital
  • 02Open up brand new revenue streams
  • 03Reduce the burden of paperwork and the stress of admin

How much would it cost you?

Enter the number of units you're managing and we'll tell you exactly how much it'll cost.
Management platform -
£8,800 / year
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Designed for your customers — Generation Rent

Today’s resident are fed up with papers, lack of transparency, manual processes and expect a seamless, “one click” renting experience.
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